Technology Projects for Enriched Assessment (Dec 2016)

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This podcast is a recording of Shelly Fryer’s presentation “Technology Projects for Enriched Assessment” at Clevelend Elementary School in Oklahoma City Public Schools on December 6, 2016. Shelly presented this for teachers at Clevelend on behalf of Oklahoma A+ Schools, which is a network of schools promoting creativity and arts integration in the classroom. Shelly has been an A+ Fellow for three years, and an elementary educator for over twenty. She is in her fourth year of teaching 3rd and 4th grade at Positive Tomorrows in Oklahoma City, which is a private non-profit school exclusively serving homeless students and their families. This is the fourth year for Shelly’s classroom of students to be 1:1 with iPads. In this presentation, Shelly explored how digital making and creating with technology devices can become a powerful window for enriched assessment in the classroom. The A+ Essentials defines an enriched assessment as one which “Evaluates achievement by allow­ing students to demonstrate mas­tery through multiple measures.” Shelly shared student technology projects from her classroom including radio shows, projects with the SeeSaw Learning Journal, WordCloud projects, photo collages, and paper slide videos. Check the podcast shownotes for links to Shelly’s Google Slides used in this presentation, which included links to all referenced student project examples as well as the iPad Media Camp project matrix. Follow Shelly on Twitter @sfryer and visit her classroom website at


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