Apps and Beyond in the Elementary Classroom

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This is an audio recording of Stephanie Hime’s presentation “Apps and Beyond in the Elementary Classroom” on October 8, 2014, at the Oklahoma Technology Association / EncycloMedia Conference in Oklahoma City. Stephanie is a 3rd grade teacher in Clinton, Oklahoma. Her primary Twitter ID is @MrsHime and classroom Twitter ID is @himetimers. Her classroom YouTube channel has fantastic examples of student-created and teacher-created videos providing a “window” into classroom learning. Stephanie has been using KidBlog for interactive writing with her students for 3 years. Her website is She posts 1 photo of students learning in her classroom PER DAY on ShutterCal, to share with parents and the world. She helps students use a variety of iPad apps to “show what they know with media,” and showcases student work through a weekly blog post and video. (See “Week 7” for a recent example.) The official description of her session was:

Apps are great, let’s use them to go beyond “just apps” and spring into class projects. An example is: use the Tellagami app to make a Book Review, then the Aurasma app to make an aura using the Gami as the overlay on a student’s illustration of the book. I would love to share my apps integrated into projects!

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