Using iPads to DJ and Create Original Music

Duration: 0:51:06

Published by Wesley A. Fryer

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This podcast is an audio recording of Michael Klein’s presentation, “Using iPads to DJ and Create Original Music,” on August 15 ,2013, at the Chicago Public Schools’ iPad Academy. The official session description was: This session will cover specific apps and strategies for engaging students in using technology to explore and further their interests in music manipulation, production, and DJing. Hear an overview of apps that you can use to teach students to mix, blend, sample and scratch pre-recorded music as well as create their own original “loops.” The presenter will discuss how he used iPads in conjunction with other technology to create a new after school learning opportunity for students interested in learning how to DJ or create music.


  2. eDJing app (free)
  3. LaunchPad by Novation (background on the app)
  4. LaunchPad app (free)
  5. DJbox app (free)
  6. Dubstep Maker app (free)

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