Mapping Media to the Common Core with iPads (Jan 2013)

Duration: 0:57:03

Published by Wesley A. Fryer

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This is an audio recording of Wesley Fryer’s keynote presentation for students and faculty in the College of Education at the University of Oklahoma on January 13, 2013, kicking off an afternoon of digital learning. Slides for this presentation are available on SlideShare. Undergraduate students and faculty at the OU College of Education just received iPads in December for the first time, and this special day of learning was organized to kick off the exciting semester of digital collaboration which lies ahead. The description of this session was: Digital literacy today means much more than searching the Internet and using Microsoft Office. To be digitally literate, teachers as well as students need to be able to create and share online a variety of different multimedia products. These media products can be “mapped” to your curriculum, and if you’re in a Common Core state in the United States, to the Common Core State Standards. Interactive Writing, Narrated Art, 5 Photo Stories, Narrated Slideshows, Screencasts, Quick Edit Videos, and eBooks are a few of the media products learners should be able to create and safely share online. In this session, we’ll view different examples of student media products and learn about tools and strategies for helping teachers become digitally literate as “media mappers.” We’ll also explore how librarians and instructional coaches can use the “Mapping Media to the Curriculum” website as a roadmap to help teachers and students create media products as assignments for class and as artifacts in digital portfolios. Learn more and access session resources on maps.playingwithmedia.com

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