Mobilizing Learning with iPods, iPhones and iPads by Lucy Gray

Duration: 0:48:27

Published by Wesley A. Fryer

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This is an audio recording of Lucy Gray’s opening keynote, “Mobilizing Learning with iPods, iPhones and iPads,” on August 6, 2012, at the Blackfoot Educational Technology Conference in Missoula, Montana. Resources from Lucy’s presentation are available on this blog post and on this workshop wiki. The official description was: “In this session, find out about the latest and greatest educational content for iPods, iPhones and iPads. Apple Distinguished Educator Lucy Gray will lead a session in which participants explore and share content, resources, and techniques for managing mobile learning. Participants will be able to learn about the best iOS apps, Identify techniques for incorporating iOS devices in their classroom that go beyond just using apps, Consider the implications of mobility in student learning, Expand their knowledge of resources related to mobile learning. Bring your device of choice or a list of your favorite apps and their curricular uses to share with session participants!” My text notes from Lucy’s session (with links and embedded videos) are also available. Follow Lucy on Twitter: @elemenous

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