Bringing the Community into the Classroom by Ben Grey and Wesley Fryer

Duration: 1:13:03

Published by Wesley A. Fryer

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This podcast is a recording of Ben Grey and Wesley Fryer’s TechForum Chicago 2011 presentation on May 6, “Bringing the Community into the Classroom.” The official session description was: Sharing is a moral imperative for educators. In this session, we’ll explore ways in which forward-thinking schools are using digital platforms and Web 2.0 tools to share information and ideas with parents and community members. From classroom learning hubs that allow parents to tune into “digitally powered show and tell” to integrated communications plans that use social media, eNewsletters, and Google Docs to get the community more involved, we will look at ways of providing rich windows into our schools as learning environments. Ben Grey’s presentation slides are available on SlideShare. Wesley’s referenced links are available on the wiki page, “Share Your Ideas: Platforms for Publishing.” Follow Ben Grey on Twitter @bengrey. Follow Wesley Fryer on Twitter @wfryer.

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