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iPad Quick Edit Videography (Sept 2014)

Duration: 0:53:45

Published by Wesley A. Fryer

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Yesterday I shared a videoconference with homeschoolers in Nenana, Alaska, which is almost 4000 miles away from where I love in Oklahoma City. The title of the videoconference was “iPad Quick Edit Videography.” I introduced participants to the use of the free “YouTube Capture” app for trimming videos, making video collages by combining clips, adding copyright-friendly music clips to videos, and publishing to YouTube. I also introduced the basics of using the iMovie for iPad app. I created a Google Doc of referenced links for the session, which included the “Quick Edit Video” page of Mapping Media, and the “Quick Edit Videography” webpage from my August 2014 iPad Media Camp curriculum wiki. The official session description was:

Learn to shoot, edit, and publish a video on an iPad in a fraction of the time this process takes with a laptop computer and “traditional” video gear! Flash-based video camcorders on mobile computing devices (like the iPad) can empower learners to create and publish “quick edit” videos. In this session we will discuss example iPad videos, explore different apps for quick-edit videography, and learn to to successfully facilitate student-created iPad videos. We’ll also learn about options for puppet videography with iPads, including actual finger puppets as well as virtual puppets using apps like Puppet Pals. Prepare to have fun and unleash a wealth of creative ideas on your students during and following this workshop!