Creating GeoMaps with Google Forms, Sheets, and Maps (Nov 2016)

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Published by Wesley A. Fryer

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This is a recording of a presentation by Wesley Fryer (@wfryer) at the Fall 2016 Kansas Google Summit in Maize, Kansas, on November 12. The title of the session was, “Geo-Maps for Geo-Literacy.” The session description was:

A Geo-Map media project can include text, hyperlinks, images, and videos connected to locations on virtual maps. Geo-Map projects can provide windows into events, concepts, places and stories which join disparate media elements into a cohesive digital narrative. Come learn how to use Google Map resources to start creating Geo-Maps and having your students create Geo-Maps to show what they know using multimedia combined with powerful, digital geographic tools!

All referenced resources from the session, including a 12 minute step-by-step video screencast tutorial, are available on Check out the podcast shownotes for more. Subscribe to additional audio podcasts by Wesley Fryer on Fuel for Educational Change Agents (, Moving at the Speed of Creativity Podcasts ( and The EdTech Situation Room ( Kansas Google Summits are hosted twice per year, in the fall in Maize, Kansas, and in the spring in Lawrence, Kansas. Follow Dr. Robert Moody on Twitter (@DrRobertMoody) to stay updated on dates, locations, registration links, etc.


  1. GeoMap Resources by Wesley Fryer on
  2. Screencast Video Tutorial: Connect an Interactive GeoMap with Google Form Results (June 2015 – 10 min, 44 sec)
  3. What is Geo Literacy? (4 min, 45 sec)
  4. Newspaper Map
  5. Moore Oklahoma Tornado Paths
  6. 8th Grade GeoMap Project For English: Road to Hiroshima
  7. Southeast Kansas Google Summit (Maize, KS)
  8. Follow Dr. Wesley Fryer on Twitter: @wfryer
  9. Moving at the Speed of Creativity Podcasts
  10. The EdTech Situation Room Podcast (@edtechSR)
  11. Dr. Robert Moody (@DrRobertMoody)

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