iPad Literacy Apps by Shelly Fryer (June 2016)

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This is a recording of a presentation by Shelly Fryer (@sfryer) at the 2016 iPadPalooza Conference in Austin, Texas. The title of the session was, “iPad Literacy Apps.” The description was:

Learn about the comparative features and how to use different iPad literacy apps to assess student reading levels and provide differentiated / customized reading passages and activities for students on their specific reading levels. The following apps will be demonstrated and explored: Lexia Core 5, myON Reader, News-o-Matic, and Raz-Kids (Kids A-Z). The SeeSaw app will also be demonstrated as a tool for helping students practice and record their oral fluency and save those recordings in a personalized digital portfolio both parents and teachers can securely access.

Check out the shownotes below for links to referenced apps and for Shelly’s Google Presentation used during this session.

Show Notes:

  1. Google Slides from this presentation
  2. Lexia Core 5 (free download, subscription required)
  3. myON Reader (free download, subscription required)
  4. News-o-Matic ($5, an EDU version is also available which requires a paid subscription)
  5. Raz-Kids (free download, subscription required for some features)
  6. SeeSaw (free)
  7. Post from February 20, 2016: iPad Literacy Apps

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