Discovering Useful Ideas as a Connected Educator (Feb 2016)

Duration: 0:59:51

Published by Wesley A. Fryer

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This is the recorded audio from a presentation titled “Discovering Useful Ideas as a Connected Educator” by Wesley Fryer on February 19, 2016, at the OMLEA Conference for MidLevel Teachers and Administrators in Oklahoma sponsored by CCOSA. The session description was: If “chance favors the connected mind,” as Steven Johnson maintains, what are some of the best strategies educators can use to discover new ideas useful for teaching and learning? Learn how to use the free apps Flipboard and Nuzzle,Twitter lists, and other strategies to more effectively discover, save and share ideas useful professionally and personally. Learn why it is important to customize your personal or classroom Twitter account to show others your particular educational focus and interests. Learn to use Twitter hashtags to connect locally and globally to learn and grow as a professional educator. Session resources are available on

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