Integrating Design & Technology Into Conventional Curriculum by Charlie Mahoney

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Published by Wesley A. Fryer

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This podcast is a recording of Charlie Mahoney’s presentation “Integrating Design & Technology Into Conventional Curriculum” at Miami Device on November 13, 2015. Follow Charlie on Twitter @charliemahoney. His Google Presentation slides are available. The session description was:

We all want to make learning more memorable and connected. The best way to do this is through incorporating multiple subject areas with authentic projects. We’ll be talking about how we kicked it up a notch at our school by bringing together our school’s Design curriculum and our 6th grade students’ yearly Cardboard Car science project. Students used Design Thinking skills and TinkerCAD, a free web-based 3D design software, to plan and build models of their working full scale cardboard cars. In addition to touching on how other subject areas have been integrated in our school, we will facilitate a discussion amongst those in attendance about what amazing things you’ve done (or want to do) yourselves. Come join in the conversation!

These are my tweets from Charlie’s session as well as tweets I shared at the conference based on his recommendations. Scroll to the end to play the podcast recording!


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