Think Whatever: The End of Wonder by Michael Wesch

Duration: 1:03:13

Published by Wesley A. Fryer

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This podcast is an audio recording of Michael Wesch’s outstanding opening keynote at the 2013 Heartland eLearning Conference in Edmond, Oklahoma, at the University of Central Oklahoma. The title of the talk was, “Think Whatever: The End of Wonder.” Thanks to Michael for granting permission to share this audio recording, along with some recorded videos I included in my text notes for this session. In this presentation, Michael challenges us as educators to help cultivate WONDER in the minds of our students and focus more on encouraging good questions and grappling with issues that matter to students and less about fact recall / knowledge acquisition. The videos I recorded and shared from this session are titled “Visualizing the Last 12,000 Years of Human Questions” and “Story of Seymour Papert and Questions About Sleeping Giraffes.”

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