Global Collaboration by Amy Sanders

Duration: 1:01:23

Published by Wesley A. Fryer

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This is an audio recording of Amy Sanders’ presentation, “Global Collaboration” at the March 16, 2012, professional development day at Yarmouth High School in Yarmouth, Maine. Amy teaches several high school social studies courses, including Arab Studies (last term) and Asian Studies this year. The official session description was: Rapidly advancing technologies and globalization trends increasingly connect us to communities throughout the world. As educators, how can we prepare students for a world of growing cultural interaction and diversity? This session will share two collaborative projects undertaken this year and explore how each of these projects gave students an opportunity to: investigate the world, including research on significant global issues, recognize and respond to perspectives different from their own, communicate ideas effectively with diverse audiences, develop and practice new skills, show initiative and work creatively. We’ll share the challenges and successes of these projects, and invite discussion of other collaborative projects. Text notes and links from the presentation are available on (A loud heater fan was on in the room during this presentation. The audio spectral removal tool in WavePad software was used to remove some of the background noise. A hum is still audible in this final version. Apologies this recording isn’t better, but hopefully it is still good enough for you to learn and benefit from this amazing presentation.)

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